Watch California’s drought conditions change over 14 years

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    Inter river connections have been done with the Colorado river but had the US thought this on a long term basis the mighty Mississippi is our nations most abundant river. Most of that fresh water ends up in the delta. I know many conservationists would point out to the need for such discharge to maintain the ecology of that delta.
    but yet a water diversification with many pipes leading the central states and from there to the Western states could have been set up.
    The Gulf region, especially Louisiana gets around six feet (not inches) of rain on average per year. Again most of that precious fresh water goes wasted. It could easily add to to the project of collecting and sending such rain water West. Even a nominal fee of a few cents per cubic feet of water would be a commercial success for both ends of the nation.
    the Great Lakes get plenty of water from the winter snows and they too could have been added to send the waters to those states.
    As one King Parakramabahu, one of the ancient kings of Sri Lanka once said and I paraphrase “let not one drop of rain go to the ocean without first serving man”. that was in an island which is one of the 25 biodiversity hot spots of the world and who created one of the oldest Hydraulic based civilizations of the world.