California’s drought is killing dogs in one impacted community

  • veggiegrrrl

    The vast majority of water is used to grow plants to feed to animals to make meat. Kill the animals now for food and ban breeding/raising of livestock forevermore within state lines. Former ranches/meat growers will adapt. BAN ANIMAL AGRICULTURE IN CALIFORNIA and grow only plants to feed directly to humans. The longer we wait (while continuing to grow animals for food), the more risk we have that California runs out of water completely. Meat can be grown in other states but we can’t risk continuing to livestock farm in this drought ridden region. If we run out of water, we won’t be able to GIVE our million dollar homes away. Water=prosperity. No water and Silicon Valley will be packing up for the Pacific Northwest or Great Lakes. Oh, and the geniuses of Silicon Valley should start working on water and clean energy solutions. Nobody on earth needs another ring tone or video game.