This California valley could become a giant sea if voters approve it

  • Cartoonmick

    Whatever action is taken to halt the droughts, it will take many years before it becomes effective.
    In the meantime we will have many years of water restrictions.

    Water conservation and waste prevention will become a major feature of our lives.

    A cartoon to illustrate where it may lead us to . . . .


  • Damon Price

    all this will be history in a couple years. Trends show that this will not last. Santa Barbara tried to build its desalination plant after the last drought but guess what stopped it from being built?……yep….Rain. Its going to rain again, and its going to rain alot. I do think its a good thing that water conservation is being addressed because of this drought. It could last longer and we should be prepared for extended droughts no matter how much water we currently have.
    Antelope valley is in southern california….not in the proposed dam site.