California unsure if it’s meeting drought goals

  • HarryTC

    How does being an illegal magnet for Mexico and most of South America, come to play in the drought we are seeing in the western half of the United States? Our hospitals are overrun, our schools are over class size, our public utilities are raising rates to keep up. How can we be surprised when water becomes scarce?

  • Steven Richards

    The only conservative thing they try, is to punish people for their, inept, stupid policies.
    Build a reservoir (update current ones) every once in a while, and stop dumping water into the ocean to save a few delta smelt who aren’t even native. And now–besides the boondoggle of a HSR project–they want to build two tunnels, costing billions, which won’t be available for years. We voted for these idiots over and over again, and now the rooster have come home to roost, but the brain-dead voters with vote for them again.